nextScan Scanner Leasing Program

Consider A nextScan Lease…

nextScan partners with leading financial institutions to offer you customizable leasing programs to match your application and budget needs.  Leasing allows you access to nextScans’ latest technology without a large up-front investment.

Why leasing may be a very good option in today’s market ?

  • 24-48 hour approval turnaround
  • Leasing up to $100K – no complicated company financial reporting required
  • Larger companies – no personal guarantees needed
  • Smaller companies – no debt on personal credit
  • Companies can conserve capital and bank lines of credit
  • Easier process than bank lending
  • Favorable Tax benefits

Through these partnerships, nextScan is able to offer different leasing options quickly, with the flexibility to address your needs.

a) Flexible Buyout options (up to $15,000 in some configurations) to significantly lower monthly payments so that you can concentrate on building business volume. 

b) Traditional $1 buyout option also available

  • Lease terms from 2 to 5 years
  • Lease total can include installation, on-site training, service contracts, and equipment, it is your choice.

For more details about our flexible leasing options please contact us at